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 Greetings from Far, Far, Away!

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PostSubject: Greetings from Far, Far, Away!   Sat Oct 04 2008, 22:57

Okay, ya, I'm far far away from where you Maltese people live.
This is where I live:

Don't notice it?
Well, it's Cape Town. I'm from South Africa.
Um, I cannot speak any other languages besides English and a bit of Afrikaans, which is like Dutch and German.
My name is Chelsea?
lol, ya.
Um, this is me:

Just half my face xD

I've been a Tokio Hotel fan since 2005, believe it or not.
I never saw them when they were in Cape Town filming Monsoon, and I'm so fucked because of that. It's horrible.

Um... what else about me???
I have a lovely accent! It's similar to the English one... so... ya...
Um... I love my cell phone and computer more than anything in the world.

Oh! I am registered on Tokio Hotel Fiction. If you want to.
That's me...


xxchelseao0xx =D
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from Far, Far, Away!   Mon Oct 06 2008, 00:50

hihihi Chelsea Very Happy hand shake

welcome to the forum free hugs free hugs flower for you give flower give flower
hope u enjoy it ;]
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Greetings from Far, Far, Away!
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